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Taken with Lumia Selfie

Taken with Lumia Selfie


I am writing this from the Ayurvedic/ Naturopathic hospital where I got myself admitted to treat my withdrawal symptoms and side effects. Costing me money and time off work, but its worth it for getting off these poisons.
On this  medical blog , I will be writing on healthcare issues, with  a  particular focus on mental health issues, in addition to my FB Group, ” Thus spake Hippocrates.”
Join hands to promote true mental and physical health, not the myths and lies that the pharma industry feeds us

Freedom from psychiatry

After three years (since Nov 2013) of being on psychotropic medication, I finally decided this year that enough was enough. I stopped the poisons.
Lorazepam. Levosupiride. Mirtazapine.Escitalopram. Clobezepam. Amitryptiline. Fluoxetine+Clonazapine. Olanzapine. Desvenlafaxine.Agomelatine. Lamotrigine. That makes 11 drugs in all, given by four different psychiatrists over 3 long years.
Benzodiazepine.Betablocker. Antipsychotic. Tricyclic anidepressant. SSRI.SNRI. ” Mood stabilizer.” Different classes of drugs, differing in action, all given to the same ” patient” . Definitive diagnosis? None given.  And  I saw  them  contradicting  each  other ( sample: “ Dr  XYZ? He  is  such a good  doctor. How  could  he do this  mistake?)” This is the story of all “psychiatric patients.” Polypharmacy.Irrationality. That’s the fallacy of modern day Psychiatry, which all rational physicians are increasingly getting tired of.
Need proof ? See this:…/the-bma-come-out-on-psychoact…
( The British Medical Association speaks out against Psychiatry).
A lot of physicians, including psychiatrists , have written about this problem, which is reaching epidemic proportions across the world (only medical “speciality” to have successfully created an epidemic) Dr. Peter Breggin, Dr.David Healy, Dr.Joanna Moncrieff among others (i have enumerated the list on my FB page, ” Thus spake Hippocrates.” I can assure you, the list is growing by the day.

Let’s  face  it.Psychiatry  is  the  only  “ medical  speciality” to  have  its  own  survivors’  movement ( which  is growing  stronger  worldwide)
Psych drugs sometimes work in the short time. Desvenlafaxine worked for 2 months for me before the side effects appeared. The doctor dismissed it as “mental symptoms” and increased the dose from 50 mg to 200 mg ( the drug insert clearly says that dosages above 50 mg are ineffective, and Desvenlafaxine is to be used very cautiously in Hypertension, which I have and am taking medicines for the same.

Lamotrigine is an “ off label” drug. Not indicated anyway in my case, if there ever is an indication.It is primarily an antiepileptic which knocks off your nervous system. Dr.Peter Goetze writes clearly in his book, “ Deadly psychiatry and organized denial” about the fudging of the Lamotrigine “ clinical trials.”

See how unscientific modern day Psychiatry is?

Unconvinced by the supposed efficacy and troubled by the side effects, I stopped medications again and again, and unfortunately went back each time. Reasons?
1.My misplaced faith in psychiatrists as a doctor myself
2. Family insistence that my brain had a ” disorder” and needed to be fixed ( a myth fed by the psychiatrists enthusiastically, who ridiculously used the analogy of Diabetes Mellitus/ Hypertension , which is complete hogwash).Dr.Joanna Moncrieff has written extensively on this fallacy.
3. My symptoms of hyperenergy in the initial days (2013) , and then dullness, accompanied by insomnia, as these drugs began to have their side effects (laughed off by psychiatrists, which I later knew happens with all “patients” who have the misfortune of visiting a psychiatrist).Yes, I had symptoms of depression, which could have been treated easily if the doctors had shown me the non-drug way or tapered me off Desvenlafaxine (the only drug which worked for me, for  some  time) and put me on conservative nondrug methods.That’s how psych drugs work, if at all. Put the patient on a short course if needed, and then taper off, supported by conservative measures, before the inevitable and dreaded side effects appear. Unfortunately, most of them don’t do this.

4.Brainwashing by psychiatrists, whom I unfortunately trusted as belonging to my own medical community.
Dullness and lethargy. Slowness. Body ache. Nausea , vomiting . Frequent gastric upset. Muscle stiffness. Lower back pain. Heel pain. Insomnia. These are a heavy price to pay at the age of 42. I spent my 41st birthday in a hospital. This is the price I have paid for 3 years of ” treatment” and subsequent withdrawal. You pay for “treatment” and you then you pay for getting off. Unheard of in any other medical speciality.
Yes, psychotropic drugs have immense side effects and withdrawal effects. In these , they are different from other drugs. Will you get body pain and dullness if you stop your Blood Pressure medications? No, only your blood pressure will go up, you might have headache or giddiness. In contrast, if you stop psychiatric medicines, you will have multiple physical and mental effects. Because these drugs cause habituation and are also neurotoxic ( damage the nervous system) and cytotoxic ( damage the cells). Don’t let the psychiatrist convince you its the depression causing these problems. It’s a blatant lie (or ignorance, which  is criminal  in medical  practice) if they are saying so.
Let me be fair. Many psychiatrists know the fallacy of their speciality. My first psych, whom I showed in Chennai, had an acute inferiority complex (“ why is psychiatry  not encouraged  in our hosopital? Our  drugs are  so much cheaper.” She knew what she was doing. But how can you go against your bread and butter? Many psychiatrists, steeped in their “ training” and constantly influenced by Big Pharma and manipulated clinical trials (not their fault, except for the fact that they take favours from these Pharma companies) seriously believe in what they are doing. Many of them actually want to do good, but don’t know how.

To  his  entire credit, my third  psych, whom  I  showed in 2014, was  the  best  of the  lot. His  medicine  (Desvenlafaxine) actually  worked for  some time (before the  side effects appeared) ,he  stressed  on exercise, moderation and  family  ties  as  means  of  mental  health  .  He even suggested  a  book , “ Resilience”, that  helped  me in the  later  days ( when , ironically, I was  tapering). He  was  less qualified  than the  other  three and proved  that  qualificatiions do not always make  a good doctor.  But  I guess  even  he could  not get  out  of the  Biochemical paradigm. Such is the  pull  of drugs.
Have my precipitating factors abated ? No, they have not. My personal life remains rocky. I have a stable job and supportive boss, but there are precipitous factors at work. My so- called depression had been used in legal proceedings against me ( without any sound technical basis).My parents are finally supportive seeing my adamancy, but don’t really know what to do.
As of Nov 2016, there is not a single psychotropic substance in my body. I am suffering from side effects and withdrawal effects, but have not given in to the temptation ( suggested several times) to restart psychotropics. Most psychiatrists remain in a fantasy world of their own , comparing with other doctors and feeling an inferiority / superiority complex. My experience with them teaches me that they do not really understand what they are doing. Because their treatment is based on assumptions, not science.
To illustrate, the psychiatrists never gave me a diagnosis. A couple of them said ,” Bipolar”, but even they were confused and could not elaborate. The other two said there was ” no need for a diagnosis.” And each of them disagreed with the other one, gave me contradicting drugs as the above list shows. Which shows they have nothing but a pseudoscience .

I know. I am a doctor. Too bad I forgot at one point.

My life has been disrupted. My work has slowed down. I am undergoing treatment at an Ayurvedic & Naturopathic facility for the drug created physical problems. I am dealing with my problems slowly but surely,with the grace of God and the help of my friends and parents.I don’t feel sorry for myself. It was a bad experience but things will get better with time. I have faith in myself, and not really too bothered about the future. Things will improve. I shall overcome.

As I correspond more with people, I find that the mental health myth has pervaded our society. Many doctors seriously believe that depression is due to chemical imbalances in the brain, which is nothing but a myth promoted by Big Pharma. It was tough convincing my mom,a paediatrician, about the need for leaving psychiatric drugs once and for all. How does the lay person fare,I wonder.

Psychiatrists, some sincere and others corrupt/commercial,but all misguided, have made a field day out of ” psychiatric disorders.”

I have physical problems created by discontinuing the drugs. Pain like many cannot imagine. But I am happy I came out of the harmful drugs. Many people don’t, and pay the price.

The very basis of the biochemical basis of depression is founded in myths and commercial lies,promoted by pharmaceutical companies.. I will lay it all bare gradually in my blog: But I don’t intend only to blame. Throughout my drug withdrawal process,! have discovered alternative healing processes. Allopathy isn’t everything. Alternative medical science teaches us a lot. I will write on drug withdrawal, holistic mental health,and holistic general health at my blog. I dont want to simply criticize . I want to make things better for others. I have a responsibility to. I am a doctor. If I cant walk up to you physically and help you , let the virtual world help me to reach out. I learnt a lot of things from blogs such as ( by Monica Cassini) and many others. I want to repay the debt.
For anyone going through the issues of mental health/ drug side effects/ drug withdrawal, please remember the following poem:

( by William Ernst Henley)
Out of the night that covers me ,

Black as the pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever Gods may be,

For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance,

I never winced,nor cried aloud,

Under the bludgeonings of chance,

My head is bloodied,but unbowed.

Far from this place of wrath and tears,

Lie but the horrors of the shade,

And yet the passing of the years,

Finds,and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how the gait,

How charged with punishments the soul,

I am the master of my fate ,I am the captain of my soul.”
William Henley wrote this in the hospital,as he recovered from a leg amputation. We will never know as much pain as him, but we will need the spirit (the soul) to survive and flourish.

The spirit does not die. No psychiatrist or his box of toxic medicines can make it die. It is eternal, and always rejuvenates itself. I am making sure that mine does.

Don’t give up. Fight. It’s your life and your health.